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The internationally acting company Siemens is using the PONS API solution via Finnterm, a powerful tool created by Finnlabs.

Finnterm is a corporate glossary system which lets users access a corporate knowledge base where it is needed most: in documents, on websites and in the intranet. The powerful system enables Siemens to create and maintain a unified glossary of terminology, e.g. in the field of finances. With the help of PONS Corporate Webservices, entries from the Siemens Glossary System are centralised and meshed with the content of the multi-language dictionary PONS.

Siemens employees can easily mark a term with their mouse and click on the question mark to get inline multilingual translations by the PONS online dictionary:


Also, glossaries can be searched with auto-completion, fuzzy search and context sensitive search to display multlingual results from the glossary and dictionary.


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