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and [Brit ənd, (ə)n, and, Am ænd, (ə)n] KONJ When used as a straightforward conjunction, and is translated by et: to shout and sing = crier et chanter; Tom and Linda = Tom et Linda; my friend and colleague = mon ami et collègue.
and is sometimes used between two verbs in English to mean ‘in order to’ ( wait and see, go and ask, try and rest etc.). To translate these expressions, look under the appropriate verb entry ( wait, go, try etc).
For examples and other uses, see the entry below.

3. and (with repetition):

Siehe auch: wait, try, go

1. wait (remain patiently):

I.try <pl tries> [Brit trʌɪ, Am traɪ] SUBST

1. try (attempt):

II.try <pl tries> [Brit trʌɪ, Am traɪ] VERB trans <prét, part passé tried>

2. try (test out):

III.try <pl tries> [Brit trʌɪ, Am traɪ] VERB intr <prét, part passé tried>

1. try (make attempt):

IV.try <pl tries> [Brit trʌɪ, Am traɪ]

1. go (move, travel):

2. go (on specific errand, activity):

11. go (be, remain):

15. go (operate, function):

18. go (extend in depth or scope):

21. go (be expressed, sung etc in particular way):

23. go (be about to):

24. go (happen):

30. go (emphatic use):

II.go [Brit ɡəʊ, Am ɡoʊ] VERB trans see usage note

III.go <pl goes> [Brit ɡəʊ, Am ɡoʊ] SUBST

1. go Brit:

hide-and-seek Brit, hide-and-go-seek Am SUBST

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