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I.look at VERB [Brit lʊk -, Am lʊk -] (look at [sth])

I.get <part prés getting, prét got, part passé got, gotten Am > [ɡet] VERB trans This much-used verb has no multi-purpose equivalent in French and therefore is very often translated by choosing a synonym: to get lunch = to prepare lunch = préparer le déjeuner.
get is used in many idiomatic expressions ( to get something off one's chest etc.) and translations will be found in the appropriate entry ( chest etc.). This is also true of offensive comments ( get stuffed etc.) where the appropriate entry would be stuff.
Remember that when get is used to express the idea that a job is done not by you but by somebody else ( to get a room painted etc.) faire is used in French followed by an infinitive ( faire repeindre une pièce etc.).
When get has the meaning of become and is followed by an adjective ( to get rich/drunk etc.) devenir is sometimes useful but check the appropriate entry ( rich, drunk etc.) as a single verb often suffices ( s'enrichir, s'enivrer etc.).
For examples and further uses of get see the entry below.

1. get (receive):

get TV, RADIO channel, programme

II.get <part prés getting, prét got, part passé got, gotten Am > [ɡet] VERB intr

get her inf!
get him inf in that hat!
to get it up vulg sl
bander vulg sl
to get it up vulg sl
to get one's in Am inf

Siehe auch: stuff, rich, drunk, drink, chest

I.stuff [Brit stʌf, Am stəf] SUBST U

1. stuff (unnamed substance):

truc m inf
ça pue ce truc! inf

3. stuff (content of speech, book, film, etc) inf:

1. stuff:

get stuffed slang!
va te faire voir! slang
stuff the system slang!
stuff you slang!
va te faire voir! slang

2. stuff (pack in): [Brit rɪtʃ, Am rɪtʃ] SUBST + v pl [Brit rɪtʃ, Am rɪtʃ] ADJ

I.drunk [Brit drʌŋk, Am drəŋk] VERB pp

drunk → drink

II.drunk [Brit drʌŋk, Am drəŋk] SUBST

III.drunk [Brit drʌŋk, Am drəŋk] ADJ

I.drink [Brit drɪŋk, Am drɪŋk] SUBST

II.drink <prét drank, part passé drunk> [Brit drɪŋk, Am drɪŋk] VERB trans

III.drink <prét drank, part passé drunk> [Brit drɪŋk, Am drɪŋk] VERB intr

IV.drink <prét drank, part passé drunk> [Brit drɪŋk, Am drɪŋk] VERB refl

chest [Brit tʃɛst, Am tʃɛst] SUBST

Übersetzungen für regarde-moi im Französisch»Englisch-Wörterbuch (Springe zu Englisch»Französisch)

I.regarder [ʀ(ə)ɡaʀde] VERB trans

1. regarder (diriger son regard vers):

regarder qn en face lit, fig

2. regarder (fixer avec attention):

II.regarder à VERB trans

III.regarder [ʀ(ə)ɡaʀde] VERB intr

1. regarder (diriger son regard):

regarde autour de toi lit, fig regarder VERB refl

V.regarder [ʀ(ə)ɡaʀde]

Siehe auch: vache, lorgnette, faïence, Blanc

I.vache [vaʃ] ADJ inf

III.vache [vaʃ] SUBST f vache INTERJ

lorgnette [lɔʀɲɛt] SUBST f

faïence [fajɑ̃s] SUBST f

Blanc (Blanche) [blɑ̃, blɑ̃ʃ] SUBST m (f)

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