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28.05.2012 11:09:47

right now!

von adman
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Hi all,

Is there a way in German to show that something is happening right now – in English we’d use the present continuous?


29.05.2012 08:47:23

right now!; gerade

von [PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey adman,

I probably have no business trying to answer this one, since I'm not a native speaker of German (and have failed in part on a previous attempt at answering an English-to-German question), but since no one has chimed in yet, I'm not afraid to take a dip in the ocean. (You fall off that horse, you get right back on it!)

Doesn't "gerade" do the trick?

As in, for example:

Ich schreibe gerade einen Brief.


Ich lese gerade ein Buch.

We'll see what the rest of the forum says. 8-)

29.05.2012 20:23:10

Re: right now!

von fredbär
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Hi adman,

I think yukyuyama is right – gerade is added to indicate that you’re doing something at that moment (rather than in general).

Just for information though, I think there are some dialects, for example Westphalian, which have an equivalent to the ‘continuous’;

Ich bin am lesen = I am reading.

But, bear in mind it’s not Hochdeutsch.



How charmed I am when I overhear a German word which I understand! - Mark Twain
30.05.2012 12:04:38

Re: right now! Ruhrdeutsch

von [PONS] Ponsomime
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Hi adman,

Wiki says this about Ruhrdeutsch (the German dialect spoken in/around the Ruhr area);

"Der Gebrauch von tun als Hilfsverb und Träger der Person-Endung oder auch die „am + Infinitiv“-Form zur Konstruktion von Verlaufsformen ist ebenfalls in Norddeutschland (auch in den Niederlanden) verbreitet: ich bin am lesen, ich tu dich dat nich geben. Beides ist im Ruhrdeutschen im Schwinden begriffen."


But, as fredbär pointed out, this isn’t used in standard German.

30.05.2012 20:40:03

Re: right now!

von tree house
Hi adman!
I am a native speaker and live in the Ruhr area (ger. "Ruhrpott"/"Ruhrgebiet").
"Gerade" is totally right. For example: "Ich esse gerade". (I am eating)
You can also use "Ich bin am essen" as suggested. or "Ich bin gerade am essen".

But please don't use "Ich bin gerade am essen tun", like my neighbours do (or other people). It's completly wrong and sounds terrible, especially when non-native speakers say it.

I hope, I could help. Sorry for any mistakes.
And i just repeated some things cause I thought there's no native speaker who replied.
01.06.2012 20:52:24

Re: right now!

von adman
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Registriert: 14.10.2011 13:20:07
Thanks to all of you!

Especially to tree house – it’s always nice to get a reply from a native-speaker (no offence to the others ;))

I think I’ll use ‘gerade’, but it’s definitely useful to know the other forms.


PS And I promise never to use the 'tun' version :)

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