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I.after [Brit ˈɑːftə, Am ˈæftər] ADV As both adverb and preposition, after is translated in most contexts by après: after the meal = après le repas; H comes after G = H vient après G; day after day = jour après jour; just after 3 pm = juste après 15 heures; three weeks after = trois semaines après.
When after is used as a conjunction it is translated by après avoir (or être) + past participle where the two verbs have the same subject: after I've finished my book, I'll cook dinner = après avoir fini mon livre je vais préparer le dîner; after he had consulted Bill ou after consulting Bill, he decided to accept the offer = après avoir consulté Bill, il a décidé d'accepter l'offre.
When the two verbs have different subjects the translation is après que + indicative: I'll lend you the book after Fred has read it = je te prêterai le livre après que Fred l'aura lu.
For more examples and particular usages see the entry below.
See also the usage note on time units .

II.after [Brit ˈɑːftə, Am ˈæftər] PRÄP

1. after (later in time than):

10. after (in pursuit of):

III.after [Brit ˈɑːftə, Am ˈæftər] KONJ

1. after (in sequence of events):

Siehe auch: fashion [Brit ˈfaʃ(ə)n, Am ˈfæʃən] SUBST

2. fashion (vogue, trend): [Brit ˈfaʃ(ə)n, Am ˈfæʃən] VERB trans

I.ask after VERB [Brit ɑːsk -, Am æsk -] (ask after [sb]) after VERB [Brit rʌn -, Am rən -] (run after [sb]) lit, fig

I.go after VERB [Brit ɡəʊ -, Am ɡoʊ -] (go after [sth/sb])

I.make after VERB [Brit meɪk -, Am meɪk -] (make after [sb])

I.look after VERB [Brit lʊk -, Am lʊk -] (look after [sb/sth])

1. look after (care for):

II.look after VERB [Brit lʊk -, Am lʊk -] (look after oneself)

I.keep after VERB [Brit kiːp -, Am kip -] (keep after [sb])

I.take after VERB [Brit teɪk -, Am teɪk -] (take after [sb])

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Übersetzungen für after im Englisch»Französisch-Wörterbuch

I.after [ˈɑ:ftəʳ, Am ˈæftɚ] PRÄP

II.after [ˈɑ:ftəʳ, Am ˈæftɚ] ADV

III.after [ˈɑ:ftəʳ, Am ˈæftɚ] KONJ

after-effect [ˈɑ:ftərɪˌfekt, Am ˈæftɚ-] SUBST

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